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This documentation is for Version 10 of the Sovren REST API, released on December 15, 2020. Both V9 and V10 use the same parsing and matching engines under-the-hood, but V10 is more streamlined and has a vastly simpler output. Please visit this link for an in-depth comparison.

Sovren Bimetric Scoring

Sovren’s AI matching engine understands candidates as humans with career profiles — not just a string of keywords. It recognizes that a current mid-level programmer is a far better match for a programming job than a current manager with previous programming experience. Why? Because we’ve modeled our engine to think like a recruiter, not a machine.

Compare Documents Without Storing Data

Want our matching capabilities without the integration or data storage? With bimetric matching, you’ve got it. Quickly compare one source document to one or many other documents. Match in any direction: resume to resume(s), resume to job order(s), job order to resume(s) or job order to job order(s). No data storage, no setup, no fuss — just incredible results.


Teachable Matching Criteria

You decide exactly how our AI matching engine thinks about each individual transaction. It will find, rank and sort the best matches according to your criteria.

Holistic Profile Matching

You know each candidate is more than a list of keywords — and so does our AI Matching Engine. It matches based on a holistic profile, assigning context, time values and meaning to all the data on candidates’ resumes.

Transparent Match Explanations

An intelligent engine should be able to intelligently explain its results, but none do — until now. Not only does it deliver the best matches — it tells you how and why it produced them and offers tips to improve the results. Welcome to the future.

Career Path Recognition

Like a recruiter, our engine assigns the highest scores to candidates whose current career path aligns with a job. It recognizes that while a candidate may fit a job’s qualifications, they can still be a poor match if their career has deviated from the role.

True Absolute Scores

Other engines will report a poor match as "100%" just because it's the best available. Our engine reports absolute scores, so each match is reported as its true score from 0-100. We also provide sub-scores on different categories of data, so you can see the reasoning behind the score.

Multi-directional Matching

Match in whichever direction you want — match resumes to relevant jobs or to similar candidates. Use jobs to find a candidate or to find similar jobs. The choice is yours.