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Sovren Apply

Sovren Apply is a tool that helps a job seeking candidate optimize their resume for the Sovren Resume Parser. Poorly formatted resumes processed through Sovren's Resume Parser may not produce accurate results which lead to candidates missing out of job opportunities. Sovren Apply provides insight and advice to candidates with poorly formatted resumes and helps them fix the resume so that it parsers correctly.

As a Software-as-a-Service product, you can replace your entire resume upload and parsing workflow using Sovren Apply! Send your candidates to a custom branded version of the website and receive the candidate's perfected resume and parsed document.


Seamless Transition

Send your candidates to a custom branded version of the Sovren Apply. Add your logo and choose your theme to match your existing candidate experience.

Simple Workflow

The workflow is easy and designed to save time for everybody, you and your candidates. You no longer need the candidate to upload their resume on your website and parsing their resume using the Sovren Resume Parsing SaaS API. Instead, generate a unique session with Sovren Apply and redirect your candidate there. We parse the resume and offer helpful suggestions if any problems were identified. Once the candidate is satisfied with their resume, we send them back to your application. Now, simply call our API to retrieve the candidate's resume and parsed document.

Easy Integration

Integrating with Sovren Apply is as simple as 2 API calls:

  1. Generate a new session with Sovren Apply then redirect your candidate using the unique URL
  2. When your candidate is redirected back to your site, get the session data, including the raw resume text, HTML, original file, and parsed and scrubbed results

Built-in Indexing and Geocoding

For AI Matching and Searching customers, you can specify a resume index for the finalized resume to be added to, automatically. The ability to Geocode resumes is built in, exactly the same as regular parsing requests. Use our Geocoding or yours, and the document will be added to the resume index with the geocoordinates availble to filter against.

Custom Skills and Normalization

Just like our Resume Parsing service, you can specify your custom skills and normalization lists so that your results are tailored to your business and industry.

Cost Effective

By using Sovren Apply, there is no need to parse resumes anymore! We handle the parsing for you, even if the candidate modifies and uploads their resume multiple times, you are charged the regular price for one resume parse. More info can be found here.